ACLS Class

Course Description:

The QU-TS is proud to offer the AHA’s Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) course in the Blended Learning option. ACLS is the AHA’s advanced level cardiovascular care course that covers topics on cardiology, pharmacology, & advanced resuscitation tequniques. This course is helpful for those looking to work in high acuity jobs or intend to use these skills in their professional practice. The AHA’s ACLS certification is valid for 2 years.

The ACLS Blended Learning course being offered is completed in three steps:

Step 1 is the online pre-course self-assessment. Step 2 is the Heartcode assignment (online learning portion) to be completed independently before Step 3, the skills session. Read below to learn more about each step in detail.

Step 1:

Step One: The ACLS Precourse Self-Assessment is a free online tool that evaluates a student’s knowledge in 3 sections: rhythm recognition, pharmacology, and practical application. Students complete the assessment before the course to help evaluate their proficiency and determine the need for additional review and practice before the course. All students must complete the Precourse Self-Assessment and achieve a score of at least 70% before taking the ACLS Course. Students must print their scoring report and bring it with them to class. Students can find the link to the pre-course self-assessment here: ACLS pre-course self-assessment.

Step 2:

Step Two: Complete the online learning portion “ACLS Heartcode”. Students must purchase ACLS Heartcode directly from the AHA’s website and complete prior to attending a skills session. Students may access the ACLS Heartcode assignment using this link: ACLS Heartcode. Students must show their instructor at the skills session their completed Heartcode ACLS certificate. Either print or digital proof is valid.

Step 3:

Step Three: Reserve your seat at an upcoming ACLS skills session using this link: ACLS Skills Session Registration. The skills session costs $100 which will be paid at the in-person skills session via Credit/Debit on our secure payment site.


If you have any questions, please contact the training site coordinate: