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Quinnipiac University EMS is a great opportunity for students to get experience in the healthcare field as well as accumulate patient contact hours for those planning on applying to physician assistant or medical school after their time at Quinnipiac University. Our crews respond to medical emergencies on both the Mount Carmel and York Hill campus’s. Aside from QU EMS being an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience in healthcare, it is also a great opportunity for students to gain both leadership and teaching experience. QU EMS is a student-run organization and during your time as a member, you will have the opportunity to rise up the ranks and fulfill various leadership roles. We are also a teaching organization and provide both CPR and Stop The Bleed courses to our Quinnipiac community.

Access to the form is restricted to Quinnipiac Students only. To apply, you must first log into your Quinnipiac SSO credentials. Students that are having issues with their Quinnipiac account that want to apply, please reach out to for support.

Written Application

All prospective members must submit a written application. The purpose of the applicant is to provide basis information about including current certification and past experience.


An interview will be conducted with at least two officers of QU EMS.

All applicants must apply with a valid Connecticut (CT) EMT certification as well as an AHA BLS CPR card. Applicants must also have a valid driver’s license and be at least 18 years of age.

If you are already a certified in a state other than Connecticut and have your NREMT-B, you can apply for reciprocity in Connecticut. Those who do not have their NREMT-B will need to get their NREMT-B certification before applying for reciprocity in Connecticut. If you have any questions about obtaining reciprocity in Connecticut, please reach out to our public relations officer.


Learn more about how to obtain reciprocity in Connecticut

To join QU EMS under the EMT Division, each applicant must have a valid CT EMT certification as well as an AHA BLS CPR certification. If you are not an EMT, we encourage you to join as a member of the Auxiliary Division.

QU EMS consists of a student-run executive board composed of the Captain, Director of Education, Director of Operations and Director of Staff. Each branch has various appointed officer roles for QU EMS members to become more involved and demonstrate leadership in. Appointed officer roles include: Public Relations Officer, Probationary Members Officer, Community Education Officer and more.

Members will work at least 24 hours of shifts per calendar month. General membership meetings take place the first (1st ) Tuesday of every month at 9pm. General membership meetings are required unless there is a documented academic obligation. All members are expected to attend at least one general membership training each month. Probationary members are also expected to attend a probationary-member specific training each month. All members are expected to be available for the pre-semester training week at the start of the semester prior to regular move-in.

Those planning to study abroad will be able to take a leave of absence from QU EMS.