Our QU EMS alumni will always be very important to us. With the addition of our Alumni Relations Officer, we will be making it a priority to stay connected with our past members as well as keep them updated with the program. This includes our monthly alumni newsletter which will include updates regarding our events, operations and more. We also plan to host events where our alumni can come back to campus and get an opportunity to interact with our current membership. Above all, we would love to give our members the opportunity to learn from our alumni, including inviting our alumni who have remained active in healthcare, back to campus to provide training presentations for our current membership.

Class of 2023

Andres Ariza
Reagan Barry
Phil Brewer
Evan Chen
Thomas Cherneskie
Anthony Cinicola
Sean Dalton
John DeFrancisco
Olivia Fountaine
Anne Habeck

Class of 2022

Sofia Adams
Alissa Barber
Olivia DeCicco
Charles Dunn
Christopher Femino
Julia Forstner
Amanda Foy
Leah Garside
Lauren Gnapp
Haizhu Hu
Katherine Huntington
Jennifer Imbriglio
Vanessa Infante
Justin Knapp
Garine Koushagjian
Callie Lanzel
Kate Lobisser
Elise Maro
Chase Molinari
Sophia Montoni
Elizabeth Otero
Kaylee Piotte
Heidi Reinemann
Robyn Roznitsky
Taylor Skelley
Kheyla Thakkar
Leah Vanderhorst

Class of 2021

Daniel Bocanegra
Jessica Brown
Meghan Corban
Brendan Dillon
Noah Pereira
Jenee Reynolds
Maegan Sanford
Charles Sharkey
Amanda Sullivan

Class of 2020

Valon Camaj
Cassidy Correia
Candice Kent
Robert Lay
Lauren Lederman
Kathryn Machinchick
Evan Nathan
Nicholas Shiner
Kristen Sobolewski
Briana Stockdale

Charter Members

Jessica Brown '21
Valon Camaj '20
Cassidy Correia '20
Brendan Dillon '21
Charles Dunn '22
Katherine Huntington '22
Candice Kent '20
Robert Lay '20
Lauren Lederman '20
Kathryn Machinchick '20
Evan Nathan '20
Noah Pereira '21
Robyn Roznitsky '22
Charles Sharkey '21
Nicholas Shiner '20
Kristen Sobolewski '20
Briana Stockdale '20
Amanda Sullivan '21

Past Medical Directors

Phil Brewer, MD, FACEP