Join The Auxiliary

The Auxiliary Division of QU EMS aims to involve non-EMT certified Quinnipiac students who are interested in emergency services and community education with the initiatives of the QU EMS EMT division. Members are eligible to attend membership meetings, training, and events. If members are interested, they can role play as our patient during mock calls on the Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses to help us prepare and train our EMT division. Members are also eligible to partake in community education initiatives by teaching Hands-Only CPR and Stop the Bleed courses for the Quinnipiac community. The Auxiliary Program provides members with the opportunity to explore EMS before enrolling in a class.

Written Application

All prospective members must submit a written application. The purpose of the applicant is to provide basis information about including current certification and past experience.


An interview will be conducted with at least two officers of QU EMS.

There are no requirements for Auxiliary Member applicants. The written application asks applicants about current certifications such as AHA BLS CPR but it is not required for an applicant to have or maintain any certifications.

Auxiliary Members are required to attend all QU EMS general membership meetings the first (1st) Tuesday of every month at 9pm. Exceptions are made for documented academic conflicts. Auxiliary members are required to partake in either (1) Community Education class OR (1) Recruitment event each month.

Those planning to study abroad will be able to take a leave of absence from QU EMS.